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Main War Details of the nighttime strikes in Odessa


Details of the nighttime strikes in Odessa

Details of the nighttime strikes in Odessa

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In Odessa, authorities and the military continue to assess the aftermath of the rocket-drone attack carried out by the Russian army on the city during the night of August 14th.

During a briefing, Natalia Gumenyuk, the head of the united press center for the defense forces of the south, reported that the direction of the attack was dispersed, but eventually the enemy concentrated it on Odessa.

"The first wave of 'Shahed' drones was aimed at detecting anti-air defense systems – the systems worked excellently. After that, a frigate, which was on duty in the Black Sea, was used and fired eight Kalibrs missiles. All missiles were also destroyed. They were directed at a very low altitude and directly at the center of Odessa. That's why the consequences of the combat operations unfortunately led to fires," Gumenyuk emphasized.

She added that the next wave of Shaheds was apparently directed toward port infrastructure, but all drones were destroyed. According to Gumenyuk, all available forces were employed to destroy enemy aerial targets: air defense, naval forces, and territorial defense. Unfortunately, due to the falling debris, fires occurred in one of the dormitories of an educational institution and directly in the Fozzy hypermarket.

Gumenyuk emphasized that this attack once again demonstrates that the enemy strikes populated areas, not choosing military targets, but rather targeting civilian populations, including to lay blame on Ukrainian defenders.

As reported by the Odessa City Hall press service, preliminary information as of 11:00 am indicates damage to 203 houses.

"It is also recorded that the gym of Youth Sports School No. 10 was damaged. During inspections, damage to the Glazunov Art School No. 2 building was identified. The building suffered damage to its facade and interior spaces," the City Hall stated.

Furthermore, four medical institutions have been disfigured, including a maternity hospital. The buildings have suffered damage to windows, doors, and roofs.

As of 11:00 am, communal workers have documented the destruction of 1481 windows covering an area of 2169.55 square meters.

"Currently, the cleaning of glass and other elements that ended up on sidewalks and roads is being carried out. Local workers visit yards, communicate with residents, and if necessary, conduct roof inspections. In case of damage, relevant reports are being prepared," the press service reported.

Additionally, distribution points for plastic film to cover window openings have been set up. In common areas, this is being done by housing maintenance offices and management companies, while in the homes of Odessa residents, it is being done upon citizens' requests.

It has also been reported that the building housing the Armenian Consulate sustained damage.

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