Digitalisation and Сyber Security

During a full scale war digital infrastructure turned out to be the most resilient and efficient. In a very short period of time Ukraine has managed to achieve incredible results in the digital and e-governance spheres. Millions of citizens perceive Diia mobile application as a synonym of “convenience”

Ukraine became the first country in the world where a digital ID is a complete counterpart of paper documents. One of the first non-EU countries to receive mutual recognition of COVID certificates. The Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched the world’s fastest business registration as well as a number of convenient public services for citizens and businesses.

Digitalisation will be one of the key elements for successful rebuild of the country after the war. UNITED24 appeals to the corporate donors to become a part of the digital development of Ukraine. With this purpose the Ministry of Digital Transformation created a Digital4Freedom program; this is a Digital Plan, which consists of 11 projects. Each has its own timeframes of implementation, KPI and budget. You could choose the one you want to support: flexible and modern digital education for Ukrainian kids in times of migration and war conditions in general, cybersecurity, or development of the state in smartphone, Diia — Ministry’s core project, e-health, e-court or cashless. Or maybe you are ready to support them all.

Kyivstar, Vodafone and DataGroup-Volia became the first donors in the field of counteraction to the informational threats, cybersecurity, rebuild and development of digital infrastructure. 

Corporate donors could transfer money to a separate bank account of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in the National Bank of Ukraine.

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