DJ Daria Kolomiec presented a selection of Ukrainian songs on the American KEXP radio

Photo: Daria Kolomiec Instagram

On Thursday, March 23, in the “Drive Time” programme on the American KEXP radio, Ukrainian cultural activist, music producer and DJ Daria Kolomiec presented a selection of Ukrainian songs.

“Daria is a tireless activist dedicated to sharing Ukrainian music and culture with the world in the face of Russia’s unprovoked aggression,” shared American DJ and KEXP Senior Programme Director Kevin Cole.

“I had the opportunity to record short intros to introduce the songs, and even through them, I wanted to convey to the audience that the Russian war in Ukraine continues, and even in spite of this, we create extraordinary music and listen to something that is especially valuable,” Daria Kolomiets said in the programme.

You can listen to the selection on the radio station’s website.

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