Drive-in “Grease” style opens in Odessa

On Thursday, August 20, a new bright point will light up on the event map of Odessa: the Action auto cinema. The open-air cinema is located on the second level of the Otrada beach parking lot (Vice-Admiral Azarov, 28).

Action Cinema was created as a space for free people. No limits and no compromises in image quality. Striving to provide an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a new and interesting experience, taking with you everything that is so loved in a classic cinema: rental news, delicious snacks and an amazing atmosphere.

According to the organisers, the new car cinema has many differences. The main one is films.

In the Autocinema Action, along with traditional cinemas, exclusively rental novelties are demonstrated, which have finally begun to appear on the big screens. Here you will not see the immortal creation of James Cameron – “Titanic” for the umpteenth time, and Wachowski’s “Matrix” will not be shown here, unless this is the fourth part of the franchise.

Another distinguishing feature is the cinema screen and picture quality.

Looking at the amazing accuracy of the picture, sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you are in one of the IMAX halls, and only the cries of seagulls in the distance, echoing the measured noise of the waves, bring you back to reality and lead you to another distinctive feature – location.

The organisers did not forget about those for whom going to the cinema is a small gastronomic journey, in Action everyone will find something to their liking, whether it be crispy popcorn or refreshing drinks. There is also a photo zone in the cinema, for everyone who wants to leave the session not only with new impressions, but also with photos for social networks.

Source: Dumskaya.net

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