Dunaya Resort Ukraine will open in May 2023

The first resort town with an ecological philosophy, Dunaya Resort Ukraine (Resort City Danube) in Tatarbunary district of Odessa region, will open in May 2023, according to project initiator Fazil Askerov.

On December 29, 2021, Odessa Regional Administration registered the state enterprise Dunaya with a charter capital of UAH 10,000.

The year-round resort with a gambling zone Dunaya Resort is planned to be created on a spit between Lake Sasyk and the Black Sea. It is proposed to create 95 hotels and infrastructure facilities on 500 hectares. In the future, the hotels of the resort with 20,000 beds will attract about 6 million tourists annually. According to Askerov, the project will create about 25,000 new jobs, and in general, it will initiate the creation of up to 100,000 jobs in related industries. The Dunaya Resort Ukraine project was demonstrated as part of the Ukrainian pavilion at EXPO 2020.

Our task is to open the first five hotels in May 2023. Then we will move at a rate of five to six hotels a year,” Askerov said.

According to the project leader, at the first stage, the tasks of the state enterprise Dunaya will be the registration of a land plot, the creation of a feasibility study and the development of a detailed plan of the territory.

In order to attract investors, it is necessary to develop a preliminary project. In fact, at the first stage, Dunaya performs the functions of an investment nurse. After all, if you attract investors at the current stage with an unresolved status of the site, then the paperwork will take 15 years.

Fazil Askerov, project initiator

After the launch of the project, Dunaya will act as a management company, namely, to monitor compliance with investment agreements and manage infrastructure facilities.

Askerov emphasized that when developing the concept, the experience of six countries was studied, which in the past 25 years have created gambling zones: Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Korea, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation.

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