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Race Nation 2021, Odessa

Race Nation 2021, Odessa

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RACE NATION is the largest obstacle course racing (OCR) in Ukraine will take place on August 7, 2021 in Fontanka village.

In five years, the RACE NATION team has managed to form and promote the movement in Ukraine and abroad. The projects have tens of thousands of supporters across the country and beyond, and each new product is the result of long and hard work!

RACE NATION are held in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Bukovel Group, etc. The level of events allows to be leaders in this niche in Ukraine and helps athletes to represent their country with dignity at the international competitions. RACE NATION are qualifying stages for the World and European OCR Championships.

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Even if you have never taken part in marathons, triathlons or other endurance and strength tests, RACE NATION will be a real challenge and an interesting adventure for everyone who wants to try their hand.

Every time Race Nation create unique tracks of different levels of difficulty, as well as a variety of obstacles together with Ukrainian professional athletes. Obstacles related to ascents and descents, water, swamp, sand, cold, height, balance, movement of objects, fire and physical activity, etc.

Obstacles varity:

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The structure of the barrier consists of a wooden vertical wall with holes for arms and legs. The participant must ascend the mountain itself and descend on the other side with a taut rope. Сomplicating the passage of the obstacle is the fact that ice water pours on the participants from above

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A 4/5 meter high wooden structure with ropes attached to make it easier to cross obstacles. The participant must climb the vertical wall at speed and catch the edge of the ramp to climb. Sometimes judges allow the use of ropes to make it easier for participants to cross the obstacle.

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The design consists of iron rudders on rotating bearings, which complicates the passage of the handle. The participant must move from one circle to another without touching the ground.

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Moving wall

The design of the handrail is a vertical movable panel with "boards" attached to it, which are held by the participant. To pass it is necessary, without touching the ground and other parts of the structure, to climb from one handrail to another.

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The structure of the obstacle consists of a wooden support and a stretched slackline, which the participant must cross without touching the ground and other elements of the obstacle.

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The obstacle consists of a wire with spikes stretched above the ground. The participant must crawl under the barbed wire to pass.

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Construction consisting of a wooden gutter and a wooden log. The participant must use a hammer to move the deck from one end to the other.

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The construction is made of corrugated plastic 5 meters high, in which fabric laces are mounted, which are held by the participants when passing the obstacle. In order for the obstacle to be credited, the participant must climb up the ropes and ring the bell.

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The final obstacle overcome by the participants of the Race. To pass, you need to climb the structure, grabbing the free edge of each of the sectors. The participant is forbidden to hold on to the metal parts of the structure.

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A wooden structure in the shape of a cobweb that the participant has to climb.

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Material and photos: RACE NATION

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