During the week, the State Bureau of Investigation documented about 20 cases of torture of the local population of Trostyanets

The State Bureau of Investigation is working diligently to document and investigate Russian military crimes. Within the Main Investigation Department structure, a department for the investigation of crimes related to Russian aggression has been established.

Investigators of the newly created unit, together with investigators of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police, worked out the city of Irpin. From April 20, 2022, State Bureau of Investigation employees continued to work in the city of Trostyanets, Sumy region. The DBR is constantly documenting the presence of Russian invaders. The locations of their combat units and the firing positions from which the shelling was carried out have already been established. Documents and personal belongings of the Russian military were also seized.

Investigators inspected 154 streets of the city damaged by artillery shelling. This is about 1,200 hectares of urban development, which is about 45% of the total area of ​​Trostyanets. Damage to 122 residential buildings and hospitals was detected and recorded.

During the investigation, places where the occupiers tortured civilians, were identified. At least 20 such cases have been reported so far. Batons, handcuffs, metal ticks and clothes of the victims with traces of blood were found at the crime scene.

The State Bureau of Investigation officers also found grenade launchers and remnants of enemy ammunition during the inspections.

Exhumation of the bodies of dead residents is underway as part of criminal proceedings, and forensic medical examinations are being ordered. The full range of necessary investigative actions is being carried out, in particular, an aerial reconnaissance specialist captures aerial survey objects and compiles 3D models.

Also in the course of investigative and operational measures managed to return after the relevant examinations to local residents 6 cars that were stolen by the invaders during the occupation.

The work continues. Operational and investigative measures continue.

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