Entry to Ukraine from August 5: new quarantine rules for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners

The government of the country will introduce new rules of entry into Ukraine for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners from 5 August. This is recorded in Decree No. 787 dated July 28, 2021.

With the help of new safety measures, the authorities want to prevent another wave of coronavirus and the import of a more dangerous strain “Delta” into Ukraine.

Entry to foreigners and stateless persons to Ukraine:

Foreigners and stateless persons to enter Ukraine must have medical insurance, which covers, among other things, treatment for COVID-19. They must also have one of the documents below:

  • a certificate of complete COVID-19 vaccination with vaccines that are approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use or
  • negative coronavirus test result. From the moment of the analysis to the moment of crossing the border of Ukraine, no more than 72 hours should pass. A PCR test or a rapid antigen test is acceptable. Not to be confused with an antibody test.

Children under 12 years of age are exempted from the requirements for presenting certificates or tests

Self-isolation for foreigners when entering Ukraine:

From August 5, foreigners who have reached the age of 18 and older, upon entering Ukraine, are subject to self-isolation with control through the Vdoma application, if they have not completed the full course of vaccination against coronavirus. The test before departure to Ukraine does not exempt from self-isolation.

If a foreigner refuses to install the Vdoma application, he will be refused permission to cross the border and sent back.

Self-isolation begins 72 hours after arrival in Ukraine and lasts 10 days.

Self-isolation can be stopped if a PCR test or a rapid antigen test is already done in Ukraine. They must show a negative result. This confirms that the person is not sick.

Foreigners are exempted from self-isolation before the age of 18.

Entry of Ukrainian citizens and foreigners with the right of permanent residence to Ukraine (residence permit):

Citizens of Ukraine and foreigners with the right to permanent residence in Ukraine can enter the country without health insurance and tests.

However, they must go through self-isolation with control through the Vdoma application, which begins 72 hours after entering Ukraine and lasts 10 days.

Self-isolation may not pass:

  • children under 18 years of age;
  • adults who have completed a full course of coronavirus vaccination;
  • adult citizens of Ukraine who left Ukraine before August 4, 2021 and returned after August 5, 2021.

Self-isolation can be terminated early if, upon returning to Ukraine, you pass a PCR test or an express test for the coronavirus antigen.

Entry from Russia and India

The special rules apply for the entry into Ukraine of foreigners and citizens of Ukraine coming from Russia and India. They also apply to those people who have been in Russia or India for 7 days in the last 14 days.

Regardless of the vaccination status or tests, those people arriving from Russia and India must undergo a 14-day self-isolation without the right to terminate it ahead of schedule. This is due to the wide distribution of the Delta strain in Russia and India.