Experts have found out what the terrorist Girkin, who criticizes the Russian army, is hiding

After the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Girkin began to criticize the Russian army sharply.

Igor Girkin, or Strelkov, is an ex-FSB officer and former defense minister of the self-proclaimed “DPR”. At the end of February 2014, he arrived in Crimea with a group of armed militants, and, by his admission, they forced deputies into the hall to vote for the so-called referendum.

Journalists of the FreeDom project recalled how Girkin seized administrative buildings in the city of Sloviansk in the Donetsk region and, on behalf of the militants of Donbas, announced the creation of the “DPR”. But after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Girkin began sharply criticizing the Russian army.

The former leader of the so-called “DPR” recognizes the superiority of the Ukrainian army and states that the Russian military has already lost to Ukraine. Moreover, Girkin predicts a shameful fall from the throne for Putin himself.

Notorious militant Igor Girkin suggests that Putin, if he survives, will have to answer for his crimes in an international court. He boldly and boldly declares the incompetence of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Photo of Girkin’s ID as head of the FSB department in the Chechen Republic

Netizens who have seen videos of the terrorist Girkin do not understand what is happening with the former militant, who turned into blogger and openly criticized the Russian authorities.

As the journalists note, Igor Girkin really puts on a performance, and his FSB curators clearly spell out his script.

“It is impossible to be an FSB agent and stop being one after retirement. You continue to work here, and there are no exes in the Russian power structures,” says military expert Alexander Kovalenko.

It turns out that the militant Girkin, having returned to Russia in 2014, actively used the cover documents of the Russian special services. He had an internal Russian passport under the fictitious name Sergei Runov.

Why, then, does Strelkov boldly criticize the Russian authorities and make statements that are often interpreted in favor of Ukraine. Military expert Viktor Yagun says this is an attempt at an information operation.

“The image of Girkin, which the FSB created, is essentially the image of a “good” Russian, in which Ukrainians must believe,” the FreeDom project says.

In addition to influencing the Ukrainians, Girkin has another mission – to represent the interests of Russian imperialists. They are dissatisfied with Putin’s policies, for them, a terrorist can become a catalyst for unrest and a leader of opinion.

The third version that military experts are talking about is that there has always been a confrontation between the Russian FSB and the Ministry of Defense due to internal disagreements in the country.

“Russian power structures, such as the FSB and the Ministry of Defense, constantly competed with each other to distribute the budget. Initially, Girkin was an element of the struggle between these two power structures,” says military expert Alexander Kovalenko.

Criticizing the authorities and the army, Girkin simply broadcasts the information that Russian special services want to announce publicly.

“But no matter what messages Igor Girkin voices, he always remains a war criminal acting on the orders of the Russian special services,” the journalists summed up.

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