Flight from the Ukrainian front and refusal to return to the war becomes a mass phenomenon in Dagestan

For refuseniks, they came up with a new punishment – a guardhouse. They are threatened with a tribunal for desertion and dismissed from service, depriving them of any payments.

As Verstka found out, several contract soldiers from the Dagestan 136th motorized rifle brigade ended up in the “guardhouse” after they left the combat areas in Ukraine without permission.

The unit’s leadership, known from the war in Syria, suspected them of desertion. However, no charges were ever brought against anyone.

Other refuseniks are fired for committing a disciplinary offense – in this case; they are deprived of their statutory payments. And some are given a kind of “guardhouse” in their personal file – the inscription “Prone to betrayal, lies and deceit.” Because of it, refuseniks cannot get a job.

There are so many refuseniks that for the first time, local authorities are forced to place ads on social networks about recruiting contract soldiers in military unit No. 63354. There are also many losses – Dagestan ranks first among all regions regarding those who died in Ukraine.

Some discharged from the military find the courage to sue their former leadership. Since the beginning of the war, the local garrison court has received at least 35 claims related to the termination of the contract. And this is noticeably more than last year (at that time, at least 14 such applications were submitted to the court during the same period).

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