FlixBus: Bus passenger traffic in Ukraine increased by 550% during the war

The passenger flow of FlixBus bus transportation in Ukraine has increased by 550% since the beginning of the full-scale war, the company reported.

“Bus transportation will be an important means of transportation for a long time for millions of Ukrainians who were forced to migrate to safe countries and then return home. Understanding this, we continue to develop a network of affordable and convenient transportation in Ukraine, connecting it with Europe,” said Michal Lehman, director of FlixBus in Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic States.

Global passenger traffic increased by 130% compared to last year. The company noted a significant recovery in travel demand after the pandemic. They travel most often in Germany, Italy, France and Poland.

FlixBus launched a line from Ukraine to Slovakia and Austria. Also in June, FlixBus launched buses from Kyiv to Wroclaw, and restored the second Kyiv-Warsaw line, which runs twice a week via Zhytomyr, Novograd-Volynskyi, Rivne, Lutsk and Lublin.

In total, the company already has 11 lines from Ukraine to five European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria.

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