For the period of the summer season in Odessa, temporary police stations resumed their work

Territorially, they are based on the beaches “Langeron” and “Arcadia”, the Gold Coast and in the park named after Maxim Gorky. Almost 100 law enforcement officers will serve there around the clock.

Today, the head of the Odessa District Police Department № 1 Maxim Boyko conducted a joint briefing of all units that will implement the operation of stations. The head of the territorial police department stressed the importance of strengthening public safety and order in the coastal and park recreation areas, central and historical parts of Odessa.

“Every day, residents of the temporarily occupied territories arrive in the city; locals return home. And with the onset of summer, citizens go to sea. Your task is to prevent and respond in a timely manner any commission of crimes and offenses in public places, to ensure measures of martial law, including compliance with a curfew, ban on the population within the Black Sea coastal protection zone, to help people in all matters their safety,” said the police colonel.

Law enforcement officers are constantly at the stations, patrolling the surrounding area, handing out leaflets reminding them of the mines of the coast and the locations of police stations and bomb shelters, helping everyone who needs it.

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