Francoise Oz

They met each other at Odessa Art School and felt in love immediately. They considered themselves to be each other’s best critics, supporters and inspiration. Meet Odessa artsts Francoise Oz and Bogdan Perevertun

“We want to go beyond the ordinary”

Francoise Oz

The artists presented the first series of ceramic rings molded by hand in 2014. It was monochrome products that became the most memorable till now. Although artists are constantly experimenting: either make the effect of an oil film or encrust metal into ceramic.

“We consider ourselves as an artists working at the intersection of modern and postmodern”

Bogdan Perevertun

They chose this segment of ceramic jewerly because it has an unlimited number of innovative approaches, ideas, opportunities. They wanted to go beyond the ordinary, creating something new, mixing archaic with a future. The artists are in love with the process itself.

The brand became popular not only in Odessa, but in Russia, Germany and the US.

In the new collection, Odessa residents Frasuaza and Bogdan pay tribute to their hometown: the marine theme is supported by the purpose of the jewelry. The catchy rings reflect the style of a vibrant city.

They will look good with a cocktail dress code for beach parties by the sea,
and are prescribed for those who do not go to the beach without jewelry.

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