Gaidai: Severodonetsk is waiting for a humanitarian catastrophe, while Lysychansk is holding on

The Russian invaders storm Lysychansk and constantly destroy the city with all possible weapons.

The head said this of the Luhansk military administration, Sergei Gaidai.

“The city is located difficult from a geographical point of view. It is stretched and rather complicated. Many of our defenders defend Lysychansk, but the Russians threw many times more forces into the assault,” Gaidai said.

The occupiers are constantly shelling Lysychansk with artillery and aviation, using the scorched earth tactics. A lot of wounded and dead civilians, and the city’s infrastructure is completely destroyed, says the head of the military administration.

For the last two days, we have not been able to deliver humanitarian supplies to Lysichansk because the road was shot through. But the city is kept on stocks that we made in advance, including the hospital is equipped with everything necessary,” he said.

According to him, our defenders lack long-range artillery.

“The point here is that it all depends on how long the defensive shelters can withstand. Remember the situation with the Donetsk airport: “the defenders survived, the concrete didn’t.” So it is here,” Gaidai explains.

The head of the MA also said that “someone” is constantly littering with cigarette butts in the occupied territory. Several warehouses with enemy ammunition were destroyed.

Gaidai is sure that the invaders will not be able to restore communications in the occupied Severodonetsk. He calls the meager humanitarian aid from the killers a “showoff for propagandists.”

“No one will bring enough food and medicine for the townspeople. They have destroyed all critical infrastructure. There is also a problem with sewage. Severodonetsk is waiting for a humanitarian catastrophe,” summed up the head of the military administration.

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