Red-breasted geese from Russian tundra reached the Tuzlov Estuary

The ornithological diversity of the Tuzlov Estuary National Park in the Odessa region was enriched by geese named in the Red Book of Ukraine and the protected list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The birds flew in from the tundra and settled on Lake Sasyk, which is on the border of the “Tuzlovskaya Amazonia”, according to the press service of the national park.

They were noticed them thanks to specific cries. The birds gathered for the night in a safe place, as poachers are waiting for the geese outside the park. Due to human activity, there are unfortunately few such animals in Ukraine. It’s not just illegal hunting, but also the abundance of hazardous pesticides in the fields.

Geese settle exclusively in the tundra of Russia, but prefer to spend the winter in the Ukrainian, Romanian and Bulgarian Black Sea regions.

In the Odessa region, red-breasted geese are present only on the territory of the Tuzlovsky estuary National Parkand in the Danube lowland. There are 66 individuals in total.

There is round-the-clock security on the territory of the national park. Birds come here during the day to drink and in the evening to spend the night. However, when this reservoir freezes, the birds will fly away in search of safe places outside the borders of the national park. Whether these rare birds will survive on the planet depends on the concerted and practical, rather than declarative, actions of all countries where they are located at different times of the year.

Tuzlov Estuary National Park

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