General Malomuzh: Putin’s repressive machine will lose control over mobilization

General of the Army of Ukraine, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (2005-2010) Mykola Malomuzh noted that the repressive format of mobilization never allowed active mobilization of the military.

He said this on the air of the “Espresso” TV channel.

“The repressive format of mobilization in the Russian Federation accelerates the departure of Russians abroad. It is clear that the leadership of the Russian Federation will close the borders and this will lead to mass protests in large cities. The special services and law enforcement agencies of Russia are already carrying out repressions,” Malomuzh noted.

According to him, if the mobilization in the Russian Federation is violent and the mobilized are sent to war, where they will be destroyed, this will cause a stronger wave of protests.

“Russia’s repressive machine, which consists of one and a half million people – this is the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, intelligence, the Russian Guard will not be able to manage the process, but this process is long. We need to prepare for serious tests at the front and work on the disintegration of these mobilized, so that they see a perspective – or die, or surrender, or protest en masse,” added Malomuzh.

  • On September 21, Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. Later, the relevant decree appeared on the Kremlin’s website, and Russian Defense Minister Serhiy Shoigu announced that 300,000 people would be mobilized.
  • Part of those mobilized in Russia will be directed to restore the number of personnel of the Russian Guard