General Marchenko: Kerch bridge is the military target number one

The Kerch bridge is the number one target for the Ukrainian military.

This was stated in an interview with Radio Liberty by Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who, from the first days, led the defense of Mykolaiv and the Mykolaiv region Dmitry Marchenko.

Asked if the Kerch Bridge would be one of the targets after the Ukrainian military received the promised weapons, Marchenko said: “Yes, it’s 100%. It’s not a secret either for their military or for our military. Not for their civilians, not for our civilians. This will be the number one target to defeat,” he said.

According to him, “we, as it were, should simply cut off the main gut of pulling up reserves. As soon as this gut is cut off, they will start to panic.”

“And believe me: those who ran in Simferopol and Crimea with Russian flags, they will quickly get Ukrainian ones and will run with Ukrainian ones. Well, because, unfortunately, the population there is like that,” Marchenko said.

It should be noted that through the bridge, in particular, the Russian Federation is transferring its troops and equipment to the territory of Crimea and then to the south of Ukraine.

On April 20, Alexei Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, said that if the opportunity arises, the bridge over the Kerch Strait, which Russia built after the occupation of Crimea, would be struck.