General Marchenko: Mykolaiv will be attacked, but the invaders will not be able to overcome the defense of the city

Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Marchenko is convinced that the invaders will attack Mykolaiv again. The Ukrainian army is ready for the offensive of the Russian invaders.

He expressed this opinion on the air of Espreso.

“The occupiers do not have enough of the forces and means that they have to overcome the defense of Mykolaiv. Our excellent commanders and warriors built the defense so that it would be difficult for the occupiers to break through at least the first lines of defense,” Marchenko emphasized.

The major general added that the Ukrainian army could very well go on a counteroffensive; for this it is necessary to strengthen the armament of people.

“There is a will, there are people, there is a mood, but we fought many hard battles and lost people. Therefore, now we need to strengthen ourselves, it is quite realistic to recapture our territories,” Marchenko said.

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