General Roman Polko: Poland could deploy air defense in Ukraine to cover the border

Polish Army General Roman Polko, a member of the Presidential Security and Defense Council of Poland, said that Warsaw should strengthen airspace security. In particular, Poland should install air defense systems on the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Polish edition of Radia ZET, the general believes that this will provide maximum resistance to the approach of any type of shells before they reach the Polish-Ukrainian border. He stressed that the Polish air defense should also protect part of the territory of Ukraine.

“This should be the closure of the strip of airspace overlooking the territory of Ukraine and the creation of an air defense system. We cannot allow Polish citizens to die,” the military explained.

The general expects the introduction of additional air defense measures on the territory of Poland, as well as increased monitoring of the airspace and the presence of military aviation there.

“We must inform Russia that the NATO alliance will constantly control Ukraine and the border zone and Russian military assets will be shot down,” Polko said.

The military stressed that “the unprecedented attack on civilian objects and infrastructure is the basis for NATO to lift restrictions on Ukraine and give it long-range weapons finally.”

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