Gennadiy Gudkov: Putin is in a state of hysteria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to find out if it is now possible to force everyone to sit down at the negotiating table.

It is the negotiations that the Russian authorities now need to declare their victory in the war against Ukraine on unacceptable terms.

The Russian oppositionist Gennady Gudkov told about this to Channel 24.

“Putin is trying to declare victory on this maximum of occupied territories, to force Ukraine into peace negotiations. Propaganda will announce that it was Russia that proved to the whole world that one could only speak with it in the language of concessions,” the oppositionist explained.

The owner of the Kremlin also wants to prove that he does not care about sanctions and new Western weapons for Ukraine. The Russian dictator plans to force everyone to sit down at the negotiating table and negotiate. That is why Lavrov telephoned Blinken.

“The plan is very simple and completely unacceptable. Lavrov is just a reflection of diplomatic attempts to find some kind of lead to try to talk to Blinken and find out what the Americans think about it,” Gudkov said.

“Lavrov was conducting reconnaissance and hoping that he would suddenly succeed. I think that Putin is in a state of hysteria because the situation is not going according to plan at all. We understand that Kherson will be recaptured today or tomorrow. Therefore, the Kremlin now has a panic inside, which has not yet reached the masses ,” the oppositionist noted.

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