Gennady Gudkov: The West is not going to wage war with the President of the Russian Federation forever

Russian President Vladimir Putin received from the West the last warning about the war against Ukraine. If the head of the Russian Federation accepts it, then he has a chance to hold on to power for some time.

Putin was offered, in particular, to withdraw his troops to the line as of February 23, otherwise, Ukraine will be provided with everything it needs to confront the invaders, said the Russian opposition leader, former deputy of the State Duma of Russia, ex-employee of the Federal Security Service Gennady Gudkov on the air of Feygin Live “.

The ex-deputy noted that the West is going wild.

“Right now backstage rumors are spreading in Russia… that after Rammstein… the last offer was made to Putin, like, “guys, let’s withdraw troops to the line on February 23, let’s admit the harm, let’s admit guilt, let’s admit reparations, the rest of the territories – we will negotiate politically”… Or, if you already refuse our last offer, we give Ukraine everything that… well, sorry, guy…,” Gudkov said.

According to him, it is not yet clear what the scenario will be next. “If this is a blow to Bankovaya, VerkhovnaRada…, for everything else, of course, the response will arrive. But, I think the main response will not arrive in the form of drones stuffed with warheads… But the response will arrive in the face of the West. The West is slowly going wild, and I see it… they are also not going to wage war with Putin forever. They also want to normalize the situation in the world,” the opposition leader said.

Gudkov stressed that the West is tired of being distracted by Putin’s aggression.

“…and I believe that if Putin doesn’t respond now to their latest call, which maybe will help him stay in power for a while… if he doesn’t, well, then, that’s it. Maybe he now accepts this condition because his situation is not very good. If, of course, he has not completely lost his mind, then he, in theory, should take this proposal seriously because further there will be a big fight”, – the former deputy believes.

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