German opposition against Merkel’s mediation in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

The CDU was outraged because of the insufficient assistance of Germany to Ukraine.

The leader of the opposition CDU party in Germany, Friedrich Merz, opposed the mediation of Angela Merkel in the negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. He stated that Germany is on the side of Europe and Ukraine, and therefore does not take a neutral position concerning the war. Tagesschau writes about it.

Friedrich Merz also criticized the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In his opinion, it contributed to prolonging the war because it was in no hurry to send heavy weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and still does not dare to help Ukraine “fully”.

“It is still relevant that Germany could have done more. The government should have quickly done what the Bundestag decided on April 28, namely: to supply heavy equipment on a large scale,” the opposition leader stressed.

Mertz states, “we are not yet helping Ukraine in the necessary amount, which prolongs this brutal war, which is now becoming a war of attrition with hundreds of victims every day.”

Recall that earlier, Merkel did not rule out that she could be an intermediary between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The ex-chancellor also noted that in the last years of her tenure, Vladimir Putin was not ready for negotiations in a format similar to Normandy.

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