High treason: in Izyum, former mayor and ex-policemans began to cooperate with the invaders

In Izyum, Kharkiv region, deputies, former mayor and ex-policeman began to cooperate with the occupiers of Russia’s aggressor country.

This was announced by the head of the City Council department Maksym Strelnyk.

According to him, the Ukrainian army is heroically defending the city from attempts by Russian troops to force the Seversky Donets and completely occupy Izyum. However, “a crime is currently taking place in the city itself – high treason.”

“City Council members Anatoly Fomichevsky and Yuri Kozlov, together with former police officer Vladislav Sokolov and former mayor Alexander Bozhkov, began cooperation with the Russian occupiers,” the official said.

According to Maxim Strelnik, they provide the Russian side with information about the location of the Armed Forces, inform about local activists, businessmen, Territorial Defense Forces servicemen, and members of their families. In addition, they collect personal data of people who remained in the city, as if for the publication of humanitarian aid.

“They are deliberately misinforming Izyum residents who are in the city without any means of communication, that the state and city authorities have surrendered Kyiv, Kharkiv and Izyum, and call on all those in the besieged city to cooperate with the Russian occupiers.” he said.

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