An Odessa’s railways depot became a set for an historical film

For a day, a carriage depot “Odessa-Zastava-1” became a platform for shooting a full-length feature historical film “Now I’m a Turk, not a Cossack”.

Today, this is one of the largest film projects in Ukraine, which last year won the 11th competition of the State Cinema of Ukraine. Budgeting of the tape is by 80% covered by State funds.

One of the plots of the film takes place in a railway car depot, where the main character works as a master according to the script. So the “railway props” available at the depot: an old tank and an upholstered wooden car – only added the necessary colour to the frame.

The film depicts the historical events of the period 1941-1953 in Mariupol. The main characters are 17-year-old lovers, who dream of a wedding: Frosya is Ukrainian and Lyonchyk is Jewish. According to the authors of the film, the purpose of the film is not to impress, but to open the depths of the human soul. The film calls for patience and humanity, for mutual help and love.

The film is produced by the Odessa Film Studio. Shooting was planned in the spring, but the quarantine caused adjustments. This time, both the weather and the appropriate atmosphere that prevailed on the set, thanks to the coordinated work of the organizers and the railwaymen, who were involved in the preparatory tasks, contributed to the successful creative process of filming.

Directed by Vilen Novak. One of the main roles in the film is played by Viktor Zhdanov. Artem Vilbik, Oleksiy Gorbunov, Georgiy Deliev, Iryna Melnyk, as well as many young actors are involved in the filming. The release of the tape is scheduled for 2021.

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