How To Be Brave Like Ukraine: An interactive course

An interactive course from experts in history, culture, theology, business, and politics

Today nobody doubts that Ukraine is not the same as Russia, as well as the fact that we neither have, nor ever will be brotherly nations with it.

The Be Brave Like Ukraine online course on how Ukrainian identity and courage were formed was launched. This is part of the international advertising campaign Bravery to be Ukraine. Thanks to short lessons on culture, geography, history, and business, the authors illustrate the formation of our state and answer the question: “How to be brave, like Ukraine?”

“Ukrainians are already known in the world as a nation of brave people. People who stop tanks with their bare hands and continue to bring victory under the threat of death. People now associate us with courage, but they don’t know that our nation has always been this way. From Kyivan Rus to Zaporizhzhya Sich. From the dissident movement to the Revolution of Dignity. The Be Brave Like Ukraine online course is a great opportunity to learn more about our nation,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

We explain why Ukraine is called a brave nation. Through history, cultural code, business, and politics, and in every lesson, you will find the answer.

The course was developed by the online university Choice31 (part of the Netpeak Group) in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Affairs and experts in history, culture, theology, business and political science. The team of creative agency Banda became the project consultants.

“After February 24, we at Choice31 decided to do what we do best for people – provide quality education. We’ve seen people lose their jobs, their normal lives and rebuild everything from scratch. We see the heroism of the Ukrainian people, who are ready to give their lives for their freedom. This is all Ukrainian courage, which we decided to share with the whole world thanks to the interactive course,” says Yevgenia Glizer, CEO of Choice31.

This guide is the virtual journey to Ukraine. Fasten your seatbelts and be ready to dive into Ukrainian history because history is cyclic.

With the beginning of a full-scale war, people worldwide began to show more interest in Ukraine and its history. Such trends are also observed directly among Ukrainians: they seek to cover the “white spots” in knowledge about their state. That is why the course is available in English and Ukrainian.

“There are three fronts in countering the Kremlin’s aggression: physical (actually, a literal front), economic and informational. Our project was created for the information front – a person who completes this course will never again be influenced by imperial propaganda with their narratives that devalue Ukraine,” said Artem Borodatyuk, founder of the Netpeak Group.

You can take the course and share it with your friends in other countries via the link: https://howtobe.brave.ua/

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