Hundreds of cars are blocked in the ports of the Odessa region

Hundreds of imported cars have accumulated in the ports of the Odessa region. The owners cannot pick them up, because they are not cleared by customs. This is reported by USM.

Naturally, all these cars were brought into Ukraine before February 24, because with the outbreak of the war, the Black Sea ports were blocked. Previously, there were even more of them, but some managed to be issued before introducing free customs clearance. However, even now about 200 cars have accumulated in the port of Chernomorsk alone.

Customs clearance is currently not possible. The Odessa customs refer to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, which allowed the import of cars into Ukraine only through certain border points. Initially, there were seven of them, and by order of May 3, the number of such points was reduced to three. And all of them are located in the West of Ukraine.

It is also not allowed to temporarily register cars to transport them to another region and clear customs there. Cars continue to stand in the port and recipients have to pay for their storage.

In addition, some cars got stuck in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. The ships carrying them could not get to Ukrainian ports and they had to unload in other countries. Theoretically, these cars could be delivered to Ukraine through Romania, but at the border with this country, no single checkpoint now issues cars that have not been cleared through customs.

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