III Festival of Contemporary Drama in Ukraine: play by Oksana Maslova in the Kyiv Puppet Theater

A play by Oksana Maslova will be shown at the Kyiv Puppet Theater on December 11. The show will be held in the format of readings within the framework of the III Festival of Contemporary Drama.

III Festival of Contemporary Drama. Modern playwrights from all over Ukraine were selected for the Laboratory. Oksana Maslova is a playwright and poet and her play is the only representing Odessa.

The festival will unfold in three theaters of the Ukrainian capital and in Chernigov: the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater, the Art and Concert Center. I. Kozlovsky, Kyiv Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank of the Dnieper, Chernihiv Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theater. T. Shevchenko. The festival will show 10 plays created within the framework of the Laboratory. Screenings are in the format of readings, admission is free, by prior registration.

The author from Odessa chose the folk tales of Transcarpathia for staging. According to the plot, four children go on a regular quest, and find themselves in the magical world of Transcarpathian fairy tales.

It will be possible to watch the production for free by registering in the online form. Also, it will be possible to see the readings and other 9 plays created within the framework of the Laboratory for free.

There is a special fairy-tale world in Transcarpathia. Magical creatures that live by their own laws. When I read fairy tales, I thought: what would I do myself. And so the idea of ​​the story was born. In the story, four children: “the coolest boy in the class”, a computer geek who looks at the world exclusively through a smartphone, a boy who spends a lot of time in the village with his grandmother and is ashamed of it. And a girl to whom boys always point out that she is a girl, and this quest is for real men. The four of them will have to face not only fabulous dangers, but also defeat the inner demons so that the adventure has a chance for a happy ending.

Oksana Maslova
About the author

Oksana Maslova is a poet, playwright, co-curator and expert of cultural programs, author in Ukraine in Deutschland, previously wrote for ELLE.ua and TAZ.de. The first play by Oksana Maslova was highly appreciated and staged in the format of readings at the drama festival “Contemporary Play” – 2017. In 2018, Oksana was among the finalists of the radio drama competition from Mystetsky Arsenal and the British Council. And in 2019, her play represented Ukraine at the international literary festival in Potsdam as part of the Next Generation Europe international competition. In 2021, performances based on plays by Oksana Maslova are being staged in three cities of Ukraine: in Chernigov, Uzhgorod and Odessa. Quite recently, the play of the Odessa woman “Skovoroda” entered the final of the international Polish festival and was recommended for staging in theaters in Poland.

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