Implementation of COVID certificates: agreement between EU, Israel and Ukraine

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is actively working on the introduction of covid certificates to restore the safe travel of Ukrainians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Negotiations between the Ministry of Digital Transformation, representatives of the EU and Israel on the implementation and mutual recognition of co-certificates took place. Ukraine is among the first countries outside the EU with which communication and active preparation of certificates are currently underway. The European Union has named Ukraine and Israel one of the most successful countries in this field.

During the online meeting, a technical solution for the introduction of coded certificates and how it can be used was presented. Thanks to this, Ukrainians will later be able to travel to the EU and those countries that will join the system.

Ukraine is finalising the technical part to launch co-certificates in Diia. The document is developed taking into account the requirements of the EU Digital COVID Certificate and the World Health Organization Smart Vaccination Certificate.

In a very short time, the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation managed to build an effective process of cooperation between government institutions for the rapid development and implementation of certificates.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is planning to assess the compliance of Ukrainian code certificates with EU requirements soon. After that, a memorandum will be signed, which will allow Ukrainians to travel with certificates. The team of the Ministry of Finance works 24/7 so that Ukrainians can return to their usual life as soon as possible: travel, study, meet relatives or business partners from other countries.

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