In a covered with snow Odessa, citizens went crazy with hockey

In Odessa parks, amateur figure skaters played hockey and fell in the frozen water through the ice.

The frost that struck brought a lot of joys and problems to the citizens of Odessa. In Victory Park, ponds were frozen, and hundreds of townspeople who knew how to skate went there to try the ice.

A light snowball did not prevent the clearing of several makeshift grounds, where the puck fans immediately staged a small hockey tournament. Skaters, both adults and children, train nearby. And on the neighbouring hills sledges cut through the air.

But winter fun is an unsafe thing. The ice on the park’s ponds only seems strong. Several people fell into the water. Fortunately, they managed to get everyone out.

In Dyukovsky Garden, both ponds, despite the temperature, are still not frozen. Instead of skaters and hockey players, the reservoirs were filled with birds of various species. It is good here for both seagulls and ducks.

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net

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