In Barcelona, ​​the Russians painted historical sights with Z-symbols

There have been similar cases of vandalism in Barcelona before.

In the Spanish city of Barcelona, Russian vandals put Z-symbols on a 1000-year-old cathedral, an ancient Roman wall, and a volunteer center for helping Ukrainians.

This is reported by the Telegram channel of the Kyiv TV channel.

“Russian scum in Spain painted a 1000-year-old cathedral and a volunteer center to help Ukrainians in the center of Barcelona with their Z-symbols,” writes the telegram channel.

In Barcelona, ​​there have been similar cases of vandalism before, when rashists painted the letter Z near the places of assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Now the sign Z has also appeared on an antique wall from the time of the Roman Empire, built between the 4th and 1st centuries BC; now it is De la Paglia street. Residents of the city reported that such terrible drawings were also seen on Parallel Avenue and the waterfront.

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