In Crimea people are massively get rid of real estate

Participants of the Crimean online forums openly write that there is no point in buying real estate on the occupied peninsula in the current conditions.

Realtors in the occupied Crimea complain that housing prices on the annexed peninsula have fallen.

Among the reasons is the full-scale war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, Radio Svoboda reports.

“Yes,”military operation”, our prices have dipped a little on the market: both suburban type of real estate and secondary. The price is going down. A “military operation” has begun, and buyers, at least from the mainland (we call the mainland everything beyond the Crimean bridge because we are located on the peninsula) – there are many times fewer buyers due to transport inaccessibility,” says realtor Natalya Andreeva.

And some argue that the cost of “square” housing in the annexed Crimea has increased due to the appearance of elite houses on sale. This type of property, according to realtors, is now being bought by Russians who can no longer travel to Europe.

“Europe is closing. And now there are a lot of people in Russia who are now starting to look for Crimea as an alternative,” says realtor Sergey, adding that there is a “closed” market for such buyers who do not want to advertise their data.

But the journalists of the pro-Russian edition of ForPost call the Crimean real estate prices a “price fall”.

The chairman of the Association of Small and Medium Business Owners of Ukraine, Ruslan Sobol, claims that because of the war, there has been a noticeable increase in those wishing to sell housing in the occupied Crimea and withdraw money from there.

Radio Liberty journalists monitored popular sites, and if in the spring, there were about 10,000 proposals on Crimea on the Avito site, then in the fall, there were more than 15,000 such announcements.

There were 19,000 ads on the World of Apartments website in the spring, and at the beginning of October, there were more than 28,000.

And the participants of the Sevastopol forums openly write that there is no point in buying real estate in occupied Crimea in the current conditions.

There were panic sales and departures from Crimea, but this period has already passed, says Eskender Bariev, head of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center.

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