Finland began to construct a fence on the border with Russia

In Finland began the construction of a fence on the border with Russia. According to YLE, citing the border service, a test fence will be erected first.

Its construction began on Monday, February 27, with the cutting of trees on both sides of the border crossing on the Finnish side of Imatra.

In March, they will start building the road, and subsequently, they will install a technical control system. The fence will be erected by the end of June 2023. This will be a three-kilometer test variant.

It will then be tested to see if it can withstand frost, snow, and a theoretical influx of people from the East. It should be noted that the Imatra checkpoint is one of the southernmost on the border of Finland and the Russian Federation – it leads to the Russian city of Svetogorsk.

In general, the construction will cost 6 million euros. It also includes compensation to landowners on whose territories the Russian wall-building scheme is taking place.

The test fence will be three meters high and will have barbed wire on top. It will also be equipped with a CCTV camera with night vision, lighting and dynamics in critical areas.

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