In Hostomel, vandals cut Banksy’s graffiti from the facade of the house

A group of criminals was detained by the police

Unknown people cut the graffiti of the world-famous underground artist Banksy, which he created on the facade of one of the houses in Hostomel. The photo of the incident was published by the head of the construction project at Edem Resort Medical Kyiv, Serhiy Zhuk, on Facebook.

According to him, Banksy’s work was carved from the facade of a house destroyed by Russian shelling literally in front of passers-by. The graffiti depicted a woman wearing a gas mask and holding a fire extinguisher.

“The detainees explained that they wanted to sell a work of art and transfer the money to the needs of the Armed Forces,” the police said.

It will be recalled that in November, the British street artist Banksy created seven murals in Ukraine, which he placed on objects destroyed by the war. In particular, graffiti appeared in Kyiv, Irpen and Borodyanka, Hostomel.

“The graffiti is not damaged and is in the hands of law enforcement officers while the investigation continues,” wrote the head of the military adminisration.

He stated that the authorities of the region, together with the Hostomel community, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, are consulting on the storage and future fate of graffiti.

“I note that Banksy’s works in the Kyiv region are under police protection,” Oleksiy Kuleba wrote.

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