In Odessa, the police do not allow sunbathing – the beaches are mined

Police in Odessa are conducting raids on the beaches to identify sunbathers or walking on the sand in defiance of the established ban. The police emphasize that summer is getting closer and there is a desire to soak up the sun, sunbathe and swim in the sea, but the desire to breathe fresh sea air on sandy beaches can cost lives.

Under the war conditions, it became necessary to protect Odessa and the Odessa region, particularly the sea coast, from possible enemy attempts to land an amphibious assault, and therefore the beaches were mined.

Today we once again reminded citizens of the ban on the beaches. Conducted preventive conversations with the townspeople and warned them to be careful.

Any mines pose a danger to a person. In addition, they are never installed one at a time because there is no safe way out of the minefield. It is also recommended to pay attention to warning signs.

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