Salt “deposits” appeared In the Odessa region

“Salt mines” are located in the economic zone of the national park and therefore, local residents can collect it there.

In the Tuzly Estuaries National Nature Park (Odessa region), because of the drought, “deposits” of salt, which people collect, appeared.

This was announced on Facebook by a park employee, Doctor of Biological Sciences Ivan Rusev.

Nature feels human negligence and cruelty. Dawn, calm on the Black Sea. On the estuaries too. And on some small estuaries of our park – complete calm. There is no water at all and self-planting salt has formed very well. Local residents and guests have already collected and stocked up on salt for the future

Ivan Rusev

According to him, these “salt mines” are located in the economic zone of the national park and therefore local residents can be there (except for areas along the sea, which are prohibited from visiting during martial law).

Now such salt within the national park can be seen and collected on the Maloshagansky, Magalevsky, Martaza, Buduri, Karachaus, Kurudiol, Solyony estuaries.

I am the voice of voiceless nature, and I, like many of my colleagues and friends in Ukraine and abroad, will fight for both nature and my country, Ukraine, to the victorious end. Ukraine will definitely be reborn!

Ivan Rusev

Tuzly Estuaries is a national natural park located in the Odessa region. Created on January 1, 2010. Area – 27 thousand 865 hectares. The total area of ​​water mirrors of reservoirs is 206 sq. km. The lake system in the park has the status of wetlands of international importance, according to the Ramsar Convention, with a special protection regime.

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