Ivan Bakanov told the details of a special SBU operation to detain Medvedchuk

The Russian FSB tried to deport Viktor Medvedchuk first to Transnistria and later to Moscow. But the Security Service of Ukraine detained the fugitive people’s deputy on the way – on departure from the Kyiv region. The head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov announced the details of this high-profile special operation during a national telethon.

“It really was a difficult and dangerous operation for many of its participants, which lasted about a month in military conditions. The President gave instructions, and we intensified all possibilities to fulfill this order and find Mr. Medvedchuk. A lot of analytical and operational work was carried out, which was completed successfully,” said Ivan Bakanov.

He stressed that the Ukrainian secret service was opposed not only by Medvedchuk personally but also by a more powerful enemy – the Federal Security Service, which sought to take Putin’s godfather abroad.

“Russian special services have organized their own operation to transport Medvedchuk to Transnistria and then to Moscow. Even representatives of the criminal world and corrupt law enforcement officers were involved in its implementation,” Ivan Bakanov said.

He noted that the FSB tried to disguise its plans as much as possible: throwing misinformation, making fake “showers”, trying to organize “fake” routes to evacuate politicians and leave the SBU a false trail, even preparing “pseudo-Medvedchuks” to divert attention.

“In fact, they allegedly wanted to take Medvedchuk to the Ukrainian border under the guise of the military Armed Forces, accompanied by colleagues. There – by boat to transport to the so-called “Transnistrian Moldavian Republic”, where he was already waiting for the evacuation group of FSB special forces. They had to take Medvedchuk to Moscow. But thanks to the SBU, this plan could not be implemented!” – Ivan Bakanov added.

The SBU counterintelligence counted dozens of versions, clearly determined the true route, and found out the place of arrival of the FSB evacuation group.

“This allowed operatives and investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine to detain Medvedchuk on the way – during his departure from the Kyiv region. I will note that he was accompanied by Ukrainian law enforcement officers, who will also be responsible for their actions! Now Medvedchuk is awaiting trial, the election of a measure of restraint, or rather his confirmation – detention. And then, I hope, a well-deserved punishment,” – said the head of the SBU.

He also added that the detention of V. Medvedchuk gives a signal to every traitor of Ukraine – no one will escape punishment, and the SBU will do everything possible for this.

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