Jamala became the first Ukrainian Spotify’s EQUAL ambassador

Singer Jamala became the first ambassador from Ukraine of Spotify’s Equal Global playlist, which popularizes the work of female artists. The artist wrote about this on her Instagram.

The project consists of a set of EQUAL music selections and sister programs that are broadcast in 187 countries, from Japan to Argentina, and from Poland to Great Britain. And from now on – in Ukraine.

Jamala’s track “Take Me To A Place” from the mini-album “Poklyk (The Call)” opens two music selections. In addition, the performer participated in creating playlists, providing recommendations on the most potent female artists of the Ukrainian scene.

On Jamala’s recommendation, there are tracks by Alina Pash, Onuka, Alyona Alyona, Kola, Tonka, The Hardkiss, and Go-A.


“I fought for any right in life – to be myself, to create. But now I, like thousands of women in Ukraine, fight for the right to live in my own home. Today we are an example for each other, a model of endurance and indomitability,” she said. “That is why I would like to share the honor of being an EQUAL ambassador with every Ukrainian woman who, despite rocket attacks and blackouts, is so fearlessly fighting for the freedom to live in a free country, where the voices of all Ukrainian women are heard equally.”

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