Kadyrov called on the Europeans to throw off power and intimidated the cold winter

According to the Chechen leader, the Ukrainians must also change their government to avoid a “full-scale war” that has been going on for 5 months.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that they wanted to force Russia to move from a special operation to war,” and appealed to Europeans and Ukrainians with calls for a change of power.

The corresponding post appeared in his Telegram.

In the fifth month of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the Chechen leader started talking about the transition to full-scale war. This is allegedly being pushed by the countries of Europe and NATO, which benefit from this and believe that such a war will weaken the Russian Federation.

“Europe, with its statements and military support, is pursuing a specific goal – to force Russia to switch from a special operation to a full-scale war using all types of weapons along the entire front line,” Kadyrov says.

To avoid a “full-scale war”, according to the head of Chechnya, Ukrainians should “kick in the ass all the corrupt leadership that does not dig trenches, but only incites all the people to a” heroic “death.”

Also, Kadyrov repeatedly repeated the propaganda message that “the West is destroying the mobilized civilian population” and “ordinary Ukrainians are being sent with machine guns to tanks.”

There is also a recipe for a way out of the crisis for the West, says Kadyrov. European countries need to change their government.

“The West also has a way out of the crisis. … Sanctions hit not Russia, but Europe. The first heads of prime ministers have already flown. Europe will breathe freely when all the top officials of states are replaced before the onset of cold weather. Otherwise, this winter, Russia will not be able to heat everyone with gas in time. Or rather, he can, but he won’t want to,” the Chechen leader writes.

He states, “in order for justice to prevail, it must be fought for.”

“Europeans, Ukrainians, wake up! Save your gene pool, not Zelensky’s status,” he said.

Recall that Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24. During the 5 months of a full-scale war, numerous cases of violation of the rules and customs of war, the norms of international law, the Hague and Geneva conventions have been recorded. In particular, with regard to the protection of civilians in time of war.

The Russian military deliberately shelled the civilian infrastructure of Ukrainian cities, and humanitarian corridors, including with prohibited weapons, carried out mass executions in the occupied territories, carried out forced mobilization in the occupied territories, raped women and children, and tortured civilians.

Several countries recognized Russia’s actions as genocide of Ukrainians. Also, 45 countries agreed to cooperate in investigating Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Ukraine is seeking the recognition of Russia as a terrorist country and calls for creating a special tribunal to investigate Russia’s military aggression and bring those involved to justice.

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