“Kompot” Rooftop Terrace

“Kompot” Rooftop Terrace was open opposite to Musical Comedy Theater

After the quarantine, the “Kompot” restaurant located opposite to Musical Comedy Theater (15, Leontovich str.) has opened again with a big rooftop summer terrace. More then 100 guests are welcomed.

The establishment offers a magnificent view of the Musical Comedy Theater. The roof concept is different from all other establishments of the chain. It offers grilled menu and compote-based cocktails.


In addition to the standard “Kompot” menu, guests can order:

  • tiger prawns
  • salmon skewers with vegetables
  • chicken fillet skewers with vegetables,
  • pork neck barbecue
  • grilled pork
  • beef sausages

The interior is also different from other establishments of the chain, more modern notes have appeared.

“Kompot” Rooftop Terrace

Cafe “Kompot” opposite the Musical Comedy opened on October 7, 2019. The institution is located on the site of the former box office of the Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy.
It is spacious inside, on the ground floor there is an open kitchen, as well as a showcase with buns and a coffee station.
In addition to the novelties that are offered on the roof, the institution also has a standard menu, which consists of the traditional “Kompot” chain dishes: mashed cutlets, borsch, cheesecakes, Honey cake and Napoleon cakes – a simple homemade food familiar from childhood.

“Kompot” Grill Menu

Also, after quarantine, the summer terraces of “Kompot” on Deribasovskaya 20 and Admiralsky Prospekt 1 have already opened.

“Kompot” Summer Rooftop Terrace


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