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Graffiti magazine was published in Ukraine

Graffiti magazine was published in Ukraine

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The team headed by Boris Bios that published the book on Ukrainian graffiti in 2018-2019 launched the "Legacy" magazine. It is also dedicated to the graffiti culture in Ukraine.

And the art of graffiti has been living and flourishing in Ukraine for over 20 years, but information about this cultural environment rarely leaks into the local media. Despite all the successes abroad and a strong connection within the scene, the names and nicknames of graffiti artists remain a secret for people not initiated into this movement.

"Legacy" magazine tells about the graffiti scene of Ukraine from 2020 to early 2021. The magazine has collected selected material from Ukrainian artists: panels, straights, productions, as well as two short interviews of the teams CHEFS and R.Ror telling about the teams as a single organism. A4 format, 88 pages, 600 copies. The book and magazine creator is Boris Bios Ukrainian graffiti writer/artist.

Boris Bios is a talented graffiti artist from Odessa, a member of 3 teams TAD, SM and FAT315. Having started his work more than 10 years ago, he has always been at the forefront of the graffiti scene. Traveling, meeting and communicating with other artists allowed to change the attitude towards street culture and form his own style, the development of which does not stop till today. The artist's works can be seen in different countries: Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Spain, Denmark, France, Russia and Belarus.

odessajournal 0
"Legacy" magazine

Thanks to Boris in 2017 the graffiti shop was opened in Odessa. The idea of ​​creating its own store is pursued by most graffiti artists, especially after traveling to Europe and realizing how convenient it is and stimulates the development of graffiti culture.

The Ulichniy (Street) Shop is the only graffiti shop in Odessa with one of the widest and most interesting assortments of graffiti products in the country: from stickers and cups to balloons and specific markers for tagging. Also in the store you can find a selected vintage department with the most famous and desired brands in good condition and a department with streetwear from Ukrainian brands in one way or another related to graffiti culture.

Lately in March of 2020 is was released the "Legacy*" photo book with three hundred works by Ukrainian graffiti artists. All works in Legacy * are dated 2018-2019. It is this time that Bios considers the period of the revival of graffiti in Ukraine. The Ukrainian graffiti art was actively developing until 2014, and this was due to the stable economic situation in the country and the low price of paints. But with the rise in prices, the situation has changed: graffiti has ceased to be a priority occupation for many writers.

Although the Internet remembers everything that you uploaded there, no one will flip through and look for what happened there before. And the book is the fact of what was and is. We wanted to consolidate the presence of a strong, diverse and sufficiently active graffiti scene for new generations.

Boris Bios
odessajournal 1
"Legacy *" photo book

Now, a new generation of graffiti has grown up, which lives quietly in reality, where paint costs 142 hryvnia, and not 42, as it once was, Bios is convinced. And those who did not stop in 2014 and continued to draw optimized their lives even earlier.

It took Boris Bios and his Legacy partner, designer Zhenya Ayokid, two months to collect material for the book.

odessajournal 2
"Legacy *" photo book

Now the team that published the book has launched the "Legacy" magazine. It is also dedicated to the graffiti culture in Ukraine. The magazine was published in A4 format and consists of more than 40 pages.

odessajournal 3
odessajournal 4

We do not pretend to full coverage of the country, because not everyone wanted or were able to send us photographs, and even more so photographs of drawings that were not previously published on the Internet. The book had a limit on the number of photos for each participant, and when creating a magazine for the magazine, we proceeded from the quality of drawings and photographs. There were no links to cities, we chose by drawing, not by location.

Boris Bios

In addition to photographs, the magazine includes interviews with graffiti teams CHFS and Rror.

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The pric of the magazine is 230 UAH. Buy it here

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