Kuleba: the “grain corridor” negotiations are at the final stage

Ukraine and Russia are close to a consensus on the export of Ukrainian grain.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba for El Pais.

We are at the final stage and now everything depends on Russia. If they really want it, grain exports will start soon. If they use it to continue hunger games, they will continue to insist on the importance of negotiations.

Dmytro Kuleba

He stressed that Ukraine wants to sell grain to the international market.

We are in the same boat with countries that desperately need us to send them Ukrainian grain because we are just as desperate to export it.

Dmytro Kuleba
Dmytro Kuleba

Kuleba also revealed the motives of the Russian Federation.

I see only one possible reason: they want to show the countries of Africa and Asia that they want to save them from food shortages. But it’s true, Russia is not interested in Ukraine exporting because they know that if we export, we will receive income from international markets, which will make us stronger the Foreign Minister added.

Dmytro Kuleba

Today, July 13, a meeting of delegations from Ukraine, Russia, and the UN is planned in Istanbul regarding the export of grain from Ukrainian ports.

According to UN estimates, about 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain are blocked in Ukrainian ports. The UN said that Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports has already led to an increase in world food prices and threatens to cause catastrophic food shortages in some parts of the world.

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