Kurisov manor, one of the most attractive tourist locations in Odessa region

The restoration of the ancestral homestead Kurisov manor, one of the most attractive tourist locations in the Odessa region, is progressing: the castle was covered with a roof and the rear porch is going to be repaired.

The Kurisov Palace-Estate is a former estate of the Kurisov nobles in the village of Kurisovo, Limansky district. One of the first examples of romanticism architecture in Ukraine. The building was in terrible conditions. In 2014, a group of entrepreneurs led by Valery Kondratyuk bought the building at auction for 1 million 66 thousand hryvnias.

Since the beginning of the restoration process, the builders completely covered the entire castle with a roof, including the main hall, the first to welcome guests of the noble family.

The most important thing has been done: we blocked the building and now it is protected from precipitation. Now we plan to restore the back porch and stairwells. To do this, you need to carefully remove the concrete poured in Soviet times, without disturbing the base made of shell rock. This must be done carefully, cut with a turbine, punches can not work. We want to reschedule all the stairways. They are also Soviet and almost completely destroyed. Now we are thinking what to do: we can make everything perfect, like Kirch, but we can lose the look of the old castle. Maybe we’ll leave part of the stairs.

Valery Kondratyuk

In addition, builders continue to return the lost teeth in the shape of lilies to the facade of the building. Of the 76 pieces that once adorned the palace, 24 have already been installed.

The most difficult thing is that we can’t find specialists who can restore the Moorish arch, lay it out of limestone and tie it with the old part. In Odessa with whom could – we talked, we conduct negotiations with Lviv and Kyiv. I think everything will work out, the main thing is not to hurry.

As for the cultural content of the space, the tenants of the castle do not give up hope to hold a congress of collectors or a concert on the territory of the complex.

The Kurisov Palace was built in two stages. The oldest part of the palace (eastern) was built in the 1820s. The western one was completed in 1891-1892 according to the project of the architect Nikolai Tolvinsky.

The building resembles a medieval castle, its decor uses elements of Gothic and Moorish architecture. The palace was built of shell rock and stretched from East to West.

After the October Revolution, the Kurisov estate was plundered, the remains of the landowners were thrown out of the family crypt into the field. In Soviet times, the palace became the educational building of the agricultural college. By 1990, a restoration project was ready, even funds were allocated, but the good deed was hindered by the case; the manor burned down due to lightning. The fire lasted for several days, as reeds and straw were laid inside the walls for thermal insulation.