Kurt Volker: Putin will not risk using nuclear weapons against Ukraine

If the Russian Federation uses nuclear weapons, NATO and Western countries will react immediately and harshly.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine because he knows there will be a decisive and quick NATO response.

Kurt Volker, an American diplomat and former special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine, told about this, TSN reports.

According to him, Russia will cease to exist if such weapons are used.

“We must not allow any risks. Even if it is 2%, this is already too much. Nobody wants to deal with a nuclear war. If Putin uses strategic weapons, from the West, NATO will be a decisive and quick response, and there will be no Russia,” Volker emphasized.

He added that it also makes no sense to destroy the occupied territories of the Russian Federation.

“As for tactical weapons and the possibility of using them, they can use them according to their military doctrine when they attack their country and they lose, then they will use it without question, but the question arises, if they seize territory, then what is the point of this territory, if later it is not suitable for anything,” the diplomat explained.

Volker is confident that in case sucn an order, Russian commanders will not comply with it.

“No one will watch how the use of nuclear weapons becomes the norm in the modern world. Biden and Austin have repeatedly warned that if nuclear weapons are used, this will lead to a response from NATO. The Russians know this, so they will not do anything. The third reason Russian military, understanding all the consequences, will not do this. Putin, realizing that he may be disobeyed, will not issue such orders that will break the chain of command. Although the chances are slim, we must be prepared and emphasize that this will cause an agreed military answer,” summed up the diplomat.

The interview with Kurt Volker was possible thanks to American University in Kyiv in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU).

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