KYIVNESS at the Odesa Food Market. March 6 – 7

Local and vintage projects from all over Ukraine. Jewelry, decor, utensils and perfumes. Music, afterparty and bistro on the ground floor of the food market.

Save the date March 6 – 7

The organisers of KYIVNESS are one of those who brought the fashion for real vintage and helped local stores and brands specializing in it. Now this platform brings together the retrospective market, lecture hall, media and city events.

The first KYIVNESS took place in Kyiv in an apartment on Reitarska Street, and later the organising team began to open the doors of the capital’s historic buildings for guests, which are usually closed to visitors such as countess Uvarova’s estate (Kyiv), Small Mariinsky Palace (Kyiv), Londonskaya Hotel (Odessa), Ukrainian House (Kyiv) . This time KYIVNESS will occupy an area of Odesa Food Market.

They carefully select vintage and local projects presenting clothing, jewelry, books, decor and food. At KYIVNESS, they sell unique finds from vintage markets of Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Tokyo, clothes from Julia Pelipas from Vogue Ukraine, singer Luna and artist Masha Reva, different objects made by Ukrainian brands. The founders of the event want to show that mixing vintage with local brands is “important because of the environmental situation, it is modern and affordable.”

We didn’t want to create barriers because someone wears vintage, someone wears local brands, and someone likes Kenzo in rhinestones. Urban culture is about all this.

Helen Eigenmann , the founder of KYIVNESS
KYIVNESS by @ juicyfilm.mag

The selection of participants for the market is as follows. When someone wants to be presented on the market, he fills out the application provided by the organisers with all the necessary photos and presentation. Then, the organisers review the applications and make the first selection of participants. In this way, the aesthetics and conformity of products for a permanent audience are maintained.

Posters of KYIVNESS in Odessa

There are also buyers who bring the clothes from world markets. Every time it’s a different clothes and objects from different cities. They always have deliveries from Los Angeles, European markets, sometimes from Asian ones. Helen Eigenmann is constantly make some specific orders to friends or buyers living outside of Ukraine.

KYIVNESS at Liberman House, 2018, Kyiv

The greatest achievement of the market is that participants of the previous markets return back with pleasure every time. It is important for understanding that they earn well and develop.

During the two years of its existence, KYIVNESS has grown into a major progressive event, joined by media, lectures and a series of urban events.

The projects is going to launch a media that will be published in Ukrainian and English, as there are many foreigners among their audience. There will be an online subscription and a print edition available by mail.

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