“La Traviata” has been nominated for “best performance in Opera”

The famous “La Traviata” at the Odessa Opera Theatre became a nominee for the title of “best performance in the genre of opera/operetta/musical” by The Ukrainian Theatre Festival and Award «GRA».

The directorial reading of the new version of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera was embodied by the chief director of the Odessa Opera Theatre, Yevhen Lavrenchuk, and conductor-producer Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich.

“La Traviata” is a must have of repertoire opera houses. Today, this opera tops the list of the world’s most popular interpretations. Critics and the press have repeatedly called the play an action that is truly surprising due to its avant-garde and outrage.

The premiere of the new version took place on November 9-10, 2019.

The decision of the Expert Council of the III All-Ukrainian Theater Festival-Award “GRA” will be known after the third act of the opera. The ceremony of announcing the winners will take place on December 3, 2020.

The Ukrainian Theatre Festival and Award «GRA» («Great Real Art») has been founded by the National Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine.

The main goal of the Festival is to bring all theatres of the country together and to present their best achievements to Ukraine and the international community, to promote the national scenic art in all its genres, styles and forms, to identify the key trends, and to encourage the development of the competitive environment in the Ukrainian theatre.

Festival and Award «GRA» is held on a competitive basis once a year, based on the results of the past calendar year, and presumes participation of professional theatre companies of all forms of ownership without exception (state, municipal, private, etc.).

Every theatre could nominate for the prize ONLY ONE of its premieres released during the year at its own choice, in accordance with the principle: «one applicant – one application».