Languages ​​of War: Vasyl Dmytryk’s “Keep forever. Do not disclose”

We invite you to the exhibition of Vasyl Dmytryk from the museum series “Languages ​​of War”, which is dedicated to the experience of Ukrainians since the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine.

The series of digital collages, “Found Subjects” was created by Vasyl Dmytryk at the beginning of the full-scale war. The shock of the first reaction was intensified by daily observations of the front streams, which did not know professional journalistic ethics for depicting Maoist extermination. This situation of daily observation equates the trauma of the participant with the trauma of the witness. That is why, in March 2022, Dmytryk decided to work through this experience with a series of digital collages, while he could not work with large spatial objects. The name “Found Subjects” itself objectifies the enemy and refers to modern art’s “found object” category. Foreign cultural masks, in which Dmytryk dresses the corpses of Russian soldiers, hide the horror of death on the one hand, and depersonalize and generalize the image of the enemy on the other hand.

A scholarship from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation allowed Dmytryk to resume artistic activity as a sculptor. The installation “Copper Shroud” refers to the drilling practices of the Chinese Han dynasty. The ancient Chinese believed that jade preserved the life of the ruling dynasty and the imperial bureaucracy. The inversion of the material leads to the opposite result.

Copper Shroud

Both series work and fulfill the same task: the artist wants to collect and contain all evil. Evil is like mercury, its living danger cannot be collected. The cargo aesthetics of both of Vasyl’s projects is reinforced by the spatial solution of the exhibition space using packing boxes for the urgent evacuation of the museum collection.

The exhibition opens on January 22. Admission is free on an opening day, and the first curatorial tours will take place.

It can be visited from Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00.

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