Legends of the Odessa Estuary: “Chumak’s Treasure”

The fifth episode of the “Legends of the Odessa Estuary” project. The events take place in the nineteenth century on the banks of the Kuyalnik estuary

The fifth episode tells us about the life of Ukrainian Chumaks, who mined salt in the Kuyalnytsky and Khadzhibeysky estuaries and traded with the Ottoman Porte. The protagonist, Chumak Philip, will meet prominent Cossack atamans Antin Holovaty and Zachary Chepiga and German colonists who founded the village of Guildendorf on the banks of the Kuyalnik.

Enjoy episode #5 “Chumak’s Treasure”

“Legends of the Odessa Estuary” is a new cycle of fairy-tale animated stories that take place against the background of real historical events in the vicinity of Hadzhibey-Odessa over the past 700 years.

The project “Legends of the Odessa estuary” was created by the public organization “Bright Country” in collaboration with the authors of Pivden ArtbookPavel Maistrenko and Kateryna Antonenko, who shot the videos, and with a team of actors whose voices sounded the heroes of historical cartoons. The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation sponsored the project.

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