Like Nuremberg: Lithuania supports the creation of special tribunal over Russian aggressors

Photo: In this photo, defendants listen to part of the verdict in the Palace of Justice during Nuremberg War Crimes Trial in Nuremberg, Germany on Sept. 30, 1946. (AP Photo)

It is about investigating crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania, one of the consultants of the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, Dainius Žalimas expressed his support for the initiative to establish a special international tribunal for the aggression of Russia and Belarus against Ukraine.

He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Dainius Žalimas stressed that a thorough investigation of the aggressor’s actions is necessary because they threaten the foundations of the international community and are based on ideology directed against modern international law.

This requires a special international tribunal

Dainius Žalimas
Dainius Žalimas
Photo: Facebook page

According to the Lithuanian lawyer, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused a lot of talk in Lithuania about the initiative, concluding that it is necessary to sign an international initiative with world lawyers and politicians to establish a special tribunal for aggression against Ukraine.

He reminded that the initiators of its creation were the Ukrainian Association of International Law and British lawyers. The project’s authors took as a basis a special tribunal, developed in 1942, which once became the basis for the Nuremberg tribunal. Its activities should complement the materials of the International Criminal Court to investigate the crimes of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. These are crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Together with its partners, Ukraine has initiated a number of international legal processes to bring Russia to justice. These are cases in the UN International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights, and others.

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