List of participants of the National Selection for “Eurovision-2022”

Suspilne has announced a long list of 27 participants in the National selection for “Eurovision-2022”, which will be held in the Italian city of Turin.

“Due to the pandemic, the National Selection has not been held since 2020, during which time Ukrainian musicians have clearly accumulated energy and material and there have been many worthy applications! However, there was not much controversy among the organising committee at this stage, and a long list was formed fairly quickly. But the fight is for 8 places in the final, so the fiercest disputes are ahead!” – commented Yaroslav Lodygin, a member of the Suspilne board responsible for the television platform.

The list of finalists will be announced next week, and there will be a draw between them to participate in the finals. The final of the National selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place in the format of a TV concert on February 12.

In total, the Suspilniy Movnyk received 284 applications from musicians to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. The list of finalists of the National Selection will be announced after January 24, at which time, according to the organizers, a draw will be held to participate in the finals of the competition.

It will be recalled that the Suspilniy Movnyk, as a member of the European Language Union, is the organiser of the National Selection for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The final will take place on May 14 at the Pala Olimpico arena, and the semifinals on May 10 and 12.

“It was easy to form a longlist because many performers were included in the list. But to make a shortlist, where there will be only eight finalists, – this will be a challenging task,”– says the producer of “Friends Pro TV” Alexey Goncharenko.

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