Lithuania raised 14 million euros for radars for Ukrainian air defense

The Lithuanians have collected 14 million euros to purchase radars for Ukrainian air defense. It is worth adding that, according to 2021 data, the population of Lithuania is 2.8 million people.

“As the anniversary of the large-scale war approaches, LRT TV and Radio Company, together with the Organizations “Blue/Yellow”, “Laisvės TV”, “1K fondas” and “Stiprūs kartu” (“Strong Together”) invited to unite and take part in the action “RADAROM”. Funds raised during the campaign were used to purchase functional tactical radars,” according to the website of the organizers.

It is noted that the total amount is almost three times higher than the original plan of 5 million euros. One radar installation costs about 1 million euros.

“14 million euros from the Lithuanians for purchasing radars to protect Ukraine. In four weeks. This is from us. At present,” Andrius Tapinas, the coordinator of the collection, said.

As you know, radars are needed to control the airspace around objects of strategic importance for Ukraine and help ensure the most normal life of Ukrainians during the war.

We are talking about power plants, water towers, and the like.

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